The problem what I’ve been thinking about. Why we’ve not out grown to a visible stage? Why dont we have large and huge business empires? Why is it so that most of our bussinessmen are confined to the same country and not beyond?


Yes that’s the factor. Even in our private business, our managers would favour those with who are their favourates and not the talented people around. One of my friend in a large Telecom and Internet provider company, told me of such things as of how low calliber people get raised up just because they’e got links.

In a software company, I’ve even heard of that and as result all the talented started to move away and out. Definately that affects the business then.

You might be interested in knowing why one prefers dull people over shine? Mostly fear. Fear of being superseded that would force them to make “safe and smart” choices. But think of it what gets sorted out as result of this “bubble” sort?

So am I asserting that all the managers and those responsible in organizations are dishonest? Then how the hell these businesses are going after all? No, they are not dishonest. They use “selective honesty” which in turn haunts explosive growth as you’ve not let the best to be the next.

So this algorithm being executed in all the organizations of the whole state yields dull bodies and overall we’re a failed state.

Think about it. If you’ve got your own business, or intend to initiate one, beware of the managers who are “slightly” dishonest and even do not do it yourself if you’re at decision making. If managed to do so, then that’s for sure that you’re going to flourish to the maximum. No doubts about it.